Case Study

6 months down the line everything changed


Locum Pharmacist

Beth took a break from pharmacy and spent a few months travelling abroad after completing her pre-reg. She then re-entered the world of pharmacy once again. At first Beth was not confident about transitioning into working life as a pharmacist, let alone a locum!

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As soon as Beth registered, a member of the MLC team got in contact with her to find out her working situation. They quickly came to realise that Beth needed support to get her compliant to work as a locum and meet the requirements of the pharmacies. The team helped her through the compliance process giving her the advice, resources and materials to get ready.

“My Locum Choice supported me from day 1”

In order for Beth to become more confident, MLC placed her into stores which were slightly quieter or offered shorter hours; transitioning Beth slowly to the locum life.

As time progressed Beth became more sure of herself and her experience level began to rise. MLC then approached pharmacies and were able to place Beth into those for longer hours. They started to provide work with better rates and challenged Beth to work in busy environments; as pharmacists themselves they understood that if you can work in busy places you can work anywhere.

Then MLC threw something completely different into the mix; stay-away positions. They offered Beth the opportunity to work in a lovely coastal area for one month on a stay-away. They worked with her to help her find good accommodation; liaised with the company to find the correct stores and helped to negotiate her mileage, accommodation and rates.

"MLC provided me with the best placements, including a 3 month block"

Beth came back and immediately booked another 3 month block there.

Now she has made the conscious decision to stay in the area ongoing. She had really impressed the company and as a result of her hard work and flexibility, is now in discussions to take up a permanent position with possibilities for relocation and bonus packages.

“The area is lovely right by the sea and the people are so nice. I can live independently and I make really good money. 6 months down the line everything changed. I bought my first car, have money in the bank and am hoping to get onto the property ladder soon too. Thank you so much MLC, you guys are the best"