Case Study

We needed to focus on expanding our business elsewhere


Pharmacy Owner

Jay owns a pharmacy in a small village based in the Midlands. Jay and his partner have run the pharmacy for many years and built great relationships with the patients in the local area. A modern looking pharmacy with a friendly team.

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When MLC spoke to Jay in 2015 they quickly realised that Jay and his partner were looking to spend their time on other business interests outside of pharmacy as well as potentially looking to grow their portfolio of pharmacies over time.

However the immediate issue was trying to get good quality regular locums that would maintain the reputation the pharmacy had acquired over the years. This proved a struggle for Jay as he could get many locums from Leicestershire and West Midlands but he wanted local locums that were reliable, professional and hard working.

“Mitesh came to see us personally after we spoke on the phone. He took a real interest into the pharmacy and the local area. He asked us about the challenges we have faced with sourcing locums in the past and what our long term goals were.”

The team started to work away and find locums in the area who could potentially take on a more regular position. After trialling a handful of locums over the course of a few months, Jay had a better understanding of which locums he thought would be suitable- the end result was hiring one of the locums to become a regular pharmacist for their store.

“MLC actually pushed the idea of trial periods because they wanted myself and my partner to build a picture in our minds about who we wanted. We would just go onto the platform and search for the locums we wanted easily for the dates needing cover. We then worked with our pharmacy team and MLC to build a list of suitable locums for more longer term positions. After approximately 3 months myself and my partner decided to take someone on for 3 days a week and see how she got on.”

The guys were really impressed with how the locum performed and decided to take her on for more days in the week.

“The pharmacist was great, we ended up taking her on for more days in the week. Myself and my partner could now explore other opportunities and expand our business. MLC got her trained up in FLU jabs and she would contribute to hitting our MUR/NMS targets as well. In actual fact because the pharmacy took care of itself, it freed us up to buy another pharmacy. Naturally, MLC helped us find regular pharmacists for that one as well, with ease! MLC are the only agency we use as they are very approachable, professional and friendly. Thanks team!”