Case Study

We had just bought pharmacies in an area far away from our existing stores


Pharmacy Owner

Prinder and his business partner were on the hunt for more pharmacies to add to their chain. Their new acquisitions bought them to a new geographical location where they acquired a couple of pharmacies.

Client case study detail 2

MLC who were already supplying locums to those pharmacies spoke to Prinder and got an understanding of their chain, issues with sourcing locums and the qualities of the locum they wanted.

It became apparent that Prinder’s pharmacies were dotted around the country. MLC having good knowledge of the new area, could definitely provide assistance there. They began to supply locums to Prinder to allow for an easier transition period until a more regular pharmacist was found.

“We had just bought pharmacies in an area far away from our existing stores. The team spoke to us and took the time to understand what I needed not only for these pharmacies but also the others in my chain.”

After a period of only a couple of months MLC was able to find a long term pharmacist to look after one of their new pharmacies. 3 years on the locum continues to drive the business forward and has made things a lot easier for the owners.

MLC then began to look at recruiting talent pools of locums in the areas that surrounded their other pharmacies. Over time they began to provide locums to these stores ranging from odd days to block cover.

“MLC are great. They put our locum in Northampton within only a short space of time from acquisition, and now he is a permanent pharmacist there. They also supply to our other pharmacies in the Midlands, South and West Mids. All of my locum needs go to MLC first; the team are very professional and the booking fees are very competitive considering the quality of locums have been outstanding.”