Case Study

MLC has always looked after my business interests


Pharmacy Owner

Ritesh was one of the first pharmacy’s to register with MLC since their inception in 2014. His pharmacy is a very busy one not to mention a 100hr as well.

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Traditionally Ritesh used to try and source locums on his own and utilise agencies where needed. As Ritesh had started this pharmacy from scratch he had worked hard for many years doing all of the unsociable hours. This hard work created a very successful pharmacy with a great reputation in the local area but also took valuable time away from him that he could have spent with family.

MLC arose at a good time; Ritesh was looking at ways to source regular locums that would not only support him but help drive his business forward as well.

“Since my contact with My Locum choice, I have not had a need to use other companies as I am really satisfied with MLC.”

MLC spoke to Ritesh to understand his locum requirements and the qualities needed in the pharmacist to ensure his pharmacy was running to the best of its abilities.

MLC managed to source an array of local locums for Ritesh of whom a large majority were of a better quality than his existing cohort. He started using MLC regularly and now books his whole years worth of locum requests through MLC.

"MLC has always looked after my business interests by providing me with good quality locums, helped me out at short notice and give highly competitive booking prices."

More so, MLC managed to source a regular pharmacist for Ritesh who has done great things for the pharmacy; increasing services, building relations with patients and the staff and on occasion pretty much runs the show.

“I just need to upload the shifts on to the site and within a short spell of time, I get email confirmations of locums accepting shifts. I do not individually need to message locums. The MLC team are hard working individuals who are forward thinking, listen to my needs and very helpful.”